The Future of Rescue Transports at Houston PetSet

For the past five years, Houston PetSet has organized regular transports from Houston-area animal shelters and rescues up to adoption partners in northern states such as Minnesota. In addition to being feel-good events, transports are a valuable tool for an oversaturated homeless animal population.

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Houston PetSet Emergency Grant Saves Maverick’s Life

When Houston PetSet receives requests for emergency funds, we ask that pet owners tell us a little bit about their situation so we can better understand how our grants are helping. We recently gave Choe $750 towards her emergency vet bill for her beloved dog, Maverick.

By Lisa Tynan | March 16 Read more →

Keep Pets Safe in the Cold Weather

The weather is about to take a dangerous turn – Texas law now mandates that pets be provided with adequate shelter from the elements, including extreme cold and rain.

By Lisa Tynan | December 19 Read more →