If it’s been a while since you visited an animal shelter, you may not understand the crisis being faced by rescues great and small across the region. They are stuffed to the brim, far beyond capacity, with more animals coming in each day than are being adopted or fostered out.

Allow us to paint you a picture – municipal buildings, constructed decades ago when our population was a fraction of what it is now, are so full of dogs and cats that they’re being forced to keep pets in temporary pop-up crates lining the hallways, and filling offices and storage rooms with overflow kennels. It’s emotionally taxing on the dedicated staff, and it’s overwhelming for the already stressed animals.

In order to provide what relief we can, Houston PetSet operates cross-country transports from Houston-area shelters and rescues to our adoption partners in Minnesota. Between 50 and 100 pets are selected from local organizations every other week and given a second chance at a happy life up north.

So far in 2022, we have transported over 1200 kittens, puppies, dogs and cats who faced uncertain futures here in Houston. Transport Friday is the happiest day of the week, and the volunteers and shelter employees who care for these pets, day in and day out, get to experience the joy of sending them on to happier futures.

On Tuesday, November 29, Houston PetSet will celebrate Giving Tuesday. Your support can mean the difference between life or death for the animals waiting to be adopted in Houston shelters. We ask that you consider donating to Houston PetSet so that we can continue to provide services like Transport to the pets who deserve a second chance.

Lisa Tynan