Your donations enable Houston PetSet to support loving pet owners in times of great need.

When Houston PetSet receives requests for emergency funds, we ask that pet owners tell us a little bit about their situation so we can better understand how our grants are helping. We recently gave Choe $750 towards her emergency vet bill for her beloved dog, Maverick. Of the experience, Choe writes:

On January 22nd, we realized Maverick was acting very lethargic and experiencing pain in his lower back. That Sunday, we took Maverick to a local emergency vet clinic that thought Maverick might have a slipped disc in his lower back. We got an appointment with his primary vet the following Wednesday, and they ran some bloodwork on Maverick and did a physical exam. The bloodwork results concerned his primary veterinarian, so she referred us to the Internal Medicine team and Sugar Land Veterinary Specialist (SLVS).

By Friday, things had begun to take a turn for the worse. We noticed Maverick’s anal gland had erupted, and fluid and blood were coming out. With his primary vet’s advice, we took Maverick to SLVS since it was a Friday evening, and they became an emergency clinic after hours. The emergency team treated Maverick for a ruptured anal gland abscess.

We noticed a slight change in Maverick’s demeanor after they cleaned the anal gland out, but he still wasn’t his usual self. Maverick was known to be a very happy, energetic, and enthusiastic dog, but these expected behaviors he was no longer exhibiting.

By Sunday of that week, we realized that things were not healing as the emergency team suggested. We quickly took Maverick back to SLVS where they found an infection in the tissue of his lower back area from a cat scratch he had gotten on January 21st. Maverick underwent surgery on Monday, January 30th, to remove the infected tissue. His surgeon, Dr. Arrufat, and her team shared that this procedure could become costly for families and that Maverick had a long road of recovery ahead. We knew we couldn’t give up on Maverick and would do everything we could to make sure he got the treatment he needed.

One of the surgery team members, Dayna, was so gracious to reach out to Houston PetSet on our behalf and ask for financial assistance for the procedure to remove the infected tissue. After the initial surgery, Maverick had a week of open wound care, another surgery to close up the wound, and has been on three different types of antibiotics to kill the infection further, even starting an injected antibiotic, considered the strongest in veterinarian medicine.

After a long month, multiple set back, and countless visits to SLVS, Maverick is finally on the up with his recovery. The initial financial assistance received from Houston PetSet allowed us to be able to begin his journey toward healing. We are incredibly grateful for the kind and generous people at Houston PetSet and Sugar Land Veterinary Specialist. The financial worry a family goes through trying to save their beloved pet’s life is a terrifying experience. For us, this fear was alleviated by this generosity. Maverick was happy to celebrate his 3rd birthday one month after this all began.

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Lisa Tynan