Ending the homelessness and suffering of companion animals and elevating their status in society. Help us, help them.

The 87th Texas Legislative Session is underway and Houston PetSet is proud to announce our support of House Bill 873 and Senate Bill 474, the “Safe Outdoor Dogs” bills.

Click this video to learn more about how you can become an advocate #ForTheAnimals during this critical time.

They Didn't Ask
To Be Abandoned On The Street.

Through no fault of their own, thousands of pets are struggling on the streets of Houston, abandoned and alone. These are dogs and cats that could bring joy to the lives of families and individuals in our city. We believe we can do better, for the animals.

That’s why we’re here. We’re Houston PetSet.

Every day, we work to solve the crisis of animal homelessness, helping the people “in the trenches” rescuing, spaying, neutering, fostering, adopting and protecting Houston’s forgotten animals.

We know that the causes of animal homelessness are preventable. That’s why we are focused on saving lives by finding long-term solutions to animal overpopulation, neglect and cruelty.

Report Cruelty

If you’ve witnessed an act of animal cruelty or neglect, contact the Harris County Animal Cruelty Taskforce at 832.927.PAWS or at The Taskforce was formed with the primary goal of streamlining the process of where and how animal cruelty can be reported in the Greater Houston Area.

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