Meet adoptable, very good pup, Stan!

Stan is a smart and sensitive boy. He had a rough start in life when his family moved out of their apartment and left him behind. That would shake anyone’s confidence! But, he’s worked hard to learn to trust again and has even gone to school to help. Now, Stan is ready to settle down with a new family of his very own.
He keeps his kennel clean and enjoys running and playing, especially with any type of ball! He seems content to hang out with his people or spend time by himself. Stan has had all sorts of adventures with his fosters. Sometimes, he is a little unsure of new people or things, so his trainer has taught Stan how to comfortably have new experiences.
Stan will thrive in an environment with structure and loving boundaries to keep him safe. He may prefer a home with adults or grown children who can provide a more predictable lifestyle. The experts at Houston Dog Ranch will work with Stan’s new family to create a solid foundation on which this beautiful relationship can grow.
If you are interested in meeting Stan, please apply with our friends at Animal Justice League at bit.ly/AdoptStan.