How I Met My Dog


How I Met My Dog is a new online service that custom matches rescue dogs and adopters based on behavior and lifestyle, not breed. Their mission, like that of Houston PetSet and its rescue and shelter partners, is to find each dog a home where they will thrive.




“We are thrilled to work with Houston PetSet, an organization that’s always focused on what’s best for the animals.  Our shared mission is to help Houston shelters and rescue organizations bring great dogs together with great adopters, based on criteria that really matters for successful long-term relationships.”  

Jodi Andersen, Co-Founder
How I Met My Dog

“Creating a partnership between Houston PetSet and How I Met My Dog is another step forward in improving the welfare of Houston’s homeless dogs. As advocates of quality, life-long adoptions, we are thrilled that How I Met My Dog matches rescue dogs with adopters in an unbiased manner. We look forward to using the data we collect to better serve the animals in our community.”

Tama Lundquist, Co-President
Houston PetSet


Want to Learn More About How to Find a Home for a Dog in Your Care? Check Out the Webinar Below