Houston PetSet recently spoke with Lori Corbitt, Lead Veterinary Technician at Houston Pets Alive!

Houston Pets Alive! was founded in 2014 with the mission to save the lives of at-risk companion cats and dogs and find them loving homes. They have a medical clinic at their rescue to treat stray dogs and cats, so Houston PetSet spoke with their Lead Veterinary Technician, Lori Corbitt, about the organization and how HPA! is working to end animal homelessness and suffering.

Houston PetSet: How did you become involved at Houston Pets Alive! and what’s your current role?

Lori Corbitt: I was hired over a year ago as a veterinary technician, and since then I have been promoted to lead veterinary technician. I was very excited to come on board with HPA! I understood I’d be ground level as we built a new medical clinic. The opportunity excited me because I’d be a part of a team [that is] focused on helping Houston’s population of stray cats and dogs while addressing their health needs with our surgery suite.

HPS: What keeps you motivated to continue your work?

LC: Many things keep me motivated at work. First, it is my absolute love for helping cats and dogs. The second is having a supportive team. Third, I’m motivated by watching the growth of our Medical Clinic and seeing the impact our extended services have on our community and other rescues. Last but not least, is working with amazing fosters daily. 

HPS: What are you most proud of accomplishing?

LC: Picking one accomplishment in rescue is hard because there are so many proud moments of joy. However, the ability to manage ringworm within our new intakes of dogs and cats is very rewarding. They come into our Medical Clinic usually very depressed and anemic. After a few treatments and good nutrition, their hair has grown back, and they are happy and greet me with kisses and rubs. Their recovery is the first step in finding them a loving home and I’m proud to play a big part in that.

HPS: What is something about your organization that the average person might not know?

LC: We have a full pharmacy and a full-time veterinarian. So far in our surgery suite, we have not only spayed and neutered hundreds of dogs and cats but we’ve had one successful eye surgery and one amputation procedure.

HPS: Describe your vision for the future of animal welfare in Greater Houston.

LC: My vision is to help save Houston’s homeless pet population, to educate and offer our community: altering, vaccinating, heartworm prevention, dewormer, and flea prevention importance.  

Lisa Tynan