A kind animal lover, a dedicated partner, and the little cat who benefited.

In the beginning of February, Houston PetSet received a message online about a kitten who needed assistance. According to Emma, the animal lover who found her, the kitten had stumbled into her neighborhood about a month prior, and she couldn’t fully open her eyes. Emma was feeding her and keeping her warm, but her personal pets weren’t keen on adding another feline family member and the older neighborhood cats weren’t being very neighborly towards her.

Emma’s timing couldn’t have been better. The day after she messaged us, our partners at Wolly Kitten Club were scheduled to be at The Empty Shelter Project east of Houston. If she was able to bring the kitten there, they could find her a foster and she would eventually be placed on one of our transports. Emma of course jumped at the opportunity, and showed up right on time to hand off the sweet cat to her new caretakers.

Fast forward to March 18th, the day of our most recent transport, and who should show up ready to find her new home in Minnesota but the little kitten we’d networked to save. Shannon and Shannon of Wolly Kitten Club simply gushed about how sweet and lovely the foster kitten had turned out to be, and in honor of the person who saved her from the streets, they named her Emma.

Bright-eyed and full of purrs, Emma the kitten was relaxed and confident despite the hustle and bustle of transport day. After receiving some kisses and scritches from all of us who were rooting for her, Emma was on her way to a new life full of love.

Houston PetSet isn’t a rescue, so it’s always hard for us when we can’t step in ourselves to take in a pet. But because of the incredible network of partners that we’ve built over the years, we can still work together to save lives each and every day.

Lisa Tynan