Cali’s story is one that many strays of Houston have experienced before.
Cali was spotted roaming the streets by a concerned City of South Houston resident. After calling local animal control, South Houston Animal Shelter’s sole Animal Control Officer picked her up and brought her to a pet hospital in Pasadena. Upon examination, Cali was deemed stable and was returned to the shelter.
Luckily, KPRC‘s morning host, Lisa Hernandez, was following Cali’s story and decided to pick her up and bring her to another animal hospital for further tests. It was determined that Cali was a dumped dog who had recently had a litter. As a result, her immune system was compromised and she became host to every parasite under the sun. Wanting to provide Cali was the best opportunity for survival, Lisa called Houston PetSet and we agreed to sponsor the cost of her initial care.
To date, Houston PetSet has incurred $881.82 in vet bills. Any donations would be greatly appreciated! To make a gift, please visit #ForTheAnimals