Today, April 24, is #WorldVeterinaryDay, a time to celebrate the veterinary profession and the care they provide #ForTheAnimals around the globe.
People often say it must be fun to work with animals all day, but many do not realize that being a veterinarian is one of the country’s most stressful professions, as is shown by the disproportionately high burnout and suicide rates in the industry.
Patients that can’t communicate, owners with high or unrealistic expectations, college debt, cyberbullying and having to humanely end pets’ lives are all contributing factors that lead some to leave the field or even harm themselves.
Fortunately, more industry leaders and mental health professionals are becoming aware of these challenges and working to help those in animal welfare recognize warning signs and access help early.
We can all play a role in supporting the veterinary community by offering our sincere thanks and understanding for the difficult jobs they perform every day.
If you know a veterinary professional struggling with depression, let them know they are not alone and encourage them to seek support. To find out more, visit Not One More Vet, Inc.