You may remember Teddy’s story from a blog we wrote at the beginning of February. Teddy was attacked by a hog in Chambers County, resulting in severe lacerations to his face, and was rescued after a local hunter took notice and called animal control. Helping Paws in Chambers County reached out to us to see if we could get Teddy the veterinary care he so desperately needed, and we were happy to take the fluffy pup into our program. After surgery performed by Dr. Cooper of Westbury Animal Hospital and a month of recovery, Teddy looks like a brand new dog.

In search of his forever home, Teddy left on transport with our friends from The Babinski Foundation. Their team drove 20 hours from Minnesota to Houston to bring more than 30 cats and dogs back to their shelter. We are so incredibly appreciative of their dedication #ForTheAnimals, and we look forward to more lifesaving journeys together!