What Does It Take to Save One Animal in Dire Need?
With hundreds of thousands of stray animals suffering on the streets of Greater Houston, many are often overlooked, passed by and ignored. However, at Houston PetSet, looking away isn’t in our DNA.
So when our Co-President, Tena Lundquist Faust, saw a dog roaming in her neighborhood, she knew she needed to help. With Houston’s municipal shelter operating on an appointment based intake, the responsibility of caring for this stray dog, newly named Rambo, fell on us at Houston PetSet.
For days, Rambo, estimated to be about two-years-old, evaded Tena and her neighbors’ attempts to rescue him. After being hit by a car, a resident in the area who had followed their efforts on Nextdoor found Rambo, got him off the streets and brought him to our friend Dr. Frye at Echo Lane Animal Clinic for evaluation.
Unfortunately, caring for Rambo comes at a rather steep cost. His vet bill was $650, his boarding and food with Houston Dog Ranch will cost $400 and his transport to the Midwest will add another $150. That brings the total for Houston PetSet to save one stray animal to $1,200.
Although Houston PetSet isn’t a rescue organization, we knew we had to step up to save Rambo because without our help, he would have died on the streets like so many other companion animals that came before him.
Will you help us care for Rambo by making a donation today? With your support, we can provide him with the life that he always deserved to have.
To make a donation online, visit our link here: http://bit.ly/donatetorambo. #ForTheAnimals