There’s nothing better than hearing from a transport adopter, especially when a Houston PetSet team member served as the foster!
Darby and Dexter (now known as Oliver) were rescued from the Mont Belvieu Animal Shelter after they were picked up as strays. They stayed with our transport manager Miller Friedman until they transported to The Babinski Foundation. In Miller’s words, “They were the best dogs.”
Oliver’s story exemplifies why we work so hard #ForTheAnimals. From a life of uncertainty in Texas to a cherished and adored family member in Minnesota, your support of our programs makes this heartwarming happy tale possible.
Oliver’s Story in the Words of His Adopted Family:
We lost our beloved Linus on Christmas Day. We adopted him almost 12 years ago and missed him like crazy, but not as much as his twin sister Lucy. Lucy cried EVERY SINGLE DAY. We figured her grief would start to subside, but three months later and she was still crying. We needed a dog.
After trial and error and meeting other dogs, LOTS of other dogs we visited The Babinski Foundation. Our requirements were a medium-sized dog (our fenced-in yard isn’t huge) and they’d have to get along with Lucy.
They brought us a bunch of dogs to meet, and Oliver BOUNDED into the room, knocked over a couple of things, stood on the highest climbing toy, chewing on anything he could, then ran over and sat in my lap. My teenage girls were sold – there was no way we were going to live a life without Oliver.
Since we’ve had him home we found out he has two speeds – full speed ahead and sound asleep. He eats everything, he annoys Lucy, he jumps on anyone, but he also loves to watch out the front window at all the walkers (we live right next to a walking path). He curls up in your lap and begs for hugs, he’s so gentle taking treats, he’s smart and funny and the zoomies make us giggle. He’s already learning off-leash and when I come home from work, he hears the garage door and runs full blast to meet me getting out of the car so excited like he hasn’t seen me for days. The best part? Lucy barely cries any longer.
Today we took him to the dog park and Oliver teaches us to make friends. He’s very outgoing and can bend anyone around his little paw.
Thanks for sending him north, our lives (nor our shoes) will never be the same.