Did you know that Houston PetSet provides grants to 70+ Greater Houston animal welfare organizations each year? Our new “Rescue Feature Friday” series highlights one of our amazing partners so that you can learn more about the nonprofits that work so hard every day to end animal homelessness and suffering.
Today, we’re excited to highlight Stretch for Strays! With funding from our grant, they are able to help provide proper veterinary care for the animals in their rescue. 
Keep reading on to learn about the work Stretch for Strays does #ForTheAnimals!
> What is the mission of Stretch for Strays?
Help find homes for unwanted pets and strays in Houston, Texas, and to help educate about good pet ownership.
> When was your organization established?
September 2016
> How did you become involved in your organization and what is your current role?
Theresa Allen Eatherly, helped to start the organization and I am the President.
> Do you work with your organization as a paid or volunteer, full-time or part-time member?
Part-time volunteer
> What keeps you motivated to continue your work?
The joy and faces of people and pets that find each other forever.


> What are you most proud of accomplishing?
Our adoption program, both locally and out of state.
> What is something about your organization that the average person might not know?
That with 3 active board members, we adopt out over 300 pets a year.
> Describe your vision for the future of animal welfare in Greater Houston.
We must Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) we must spay/neuter pets and require it.


Thank you, Stretch for Strays, for all you do! 

*Photos courtesy of Stretch for Strays*