Did you know that Houston PetSet provides grants to 70+ Greater Houston animal welfare organizations each year? Our new “Rescue Feature Friday” series highlights one of our amazing partners so that you can learn more about the nonprofits that work so hard every day to end animal homelessness and suffering. 

Today, we’re excited to feature Rescued Pets Movement (RPM)! The relationship between Houston PetSet and Rescued Pets Movement dates back several years, and over the past few months we’ve teamed up with RPM to sponsor the safe transport of otherwise unwanted animals to RPM’s rescue and shelter partners out-of-state. 

Keep reading on to learn about RPM’s work #ForTheAnimals! 

  • What is the mission of Rescued Pets Movement?  Rescued Pets Movement Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides a second chance for thousands of homeless dogs and cats through rescue, rehabilitation, and transport to forever homes in communities throughout the United States that have a demand for adoptable pets.

  • When was your organization established? 2013
  • How did you become involved in your organization and what is your current role? Cindy Perini, one of RPM’s original Co-Founders, and currently the President and Director.
  • Do you work with your organization as a paid or volunteer, full-time or part-time member? Volunteer.
  • What keeps you motivated to continue your work? Seeing the huge number of homeless animals we are helping and the overall change we are making in Houston.

  • What are you most proud of accomplishing? Helping bring Animal Transport to Houston; helping transform the save rate at BARC.
  • What is something about your organization that the average person might not know? RPM spends a large part of its budget providing veterinary care and rehabilitating the animals it brings into its program.

  • Describe your vision for the future of animal welfare in Greater Houston. Free spay/neuter, low-cost clinics to help service all individuals; greater collaboration to help leverage each group’s specialties.

Thank you, RPM, for all you do! 

*Photos courtesy of RPM*