On “Rescue Feature Friday” we highlight one of our amazing partners so that you can learn more about the nonprofits that work so hard every day to end animal homelessness and suffering.
Today, we’re excited to feature Helping Paws in Chambers County! With funding from our grant, they were able to provide spay/neuter vouchers to help keep loving pet parents with their companion animals.
Keep reading on to learn about the work they do #ForTheAnimals!
> What is the mission of Helping Paws in Chambers County?
Helping Paws in Chambers County is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was created in 2017 to vet and find homes or rescues for the homeless animals in Chambers County. We advocate for companion animals in need and through education, aim to build a humane community that promotes compassion and seeks to strengthen the human-animal bond.
> When was your organization established?
December 2017
> How did you become involved in your organization and what is your current role?
Brenda Mills, I co-founded HPinCC as a response to the lack of assistance rural pets had in Chambers County. Located 1 hour from larger cities such as Houston and Beaumont, homeless or dumped animals in Anahuac and surrounding towns had very little exposure. Most were euthanized without being networked or given a chance. Most residents didn’t even know a pound existed. Today, residents are not only aware that we have a (new) shelter, but they are getting involved in networking animals and helping with events. HPinCC is still a very small organization with only about 7 part-time volunteers, but we have the support of our community and have changed the lives and grim outlook of hundreds (now, maybe even thousands) of animals. As a director, I am proud of this little group. We have accomplished more than we dreamed we could.
> Do you work with your organization as a paid or volunteer, full-time or part-time member?
All of HPinCC members are part-time and volunteer for free. We have part-time or full-time jobs, families and kids in school and still work hard for the animals in need.
> What keeps you motivated to continue your work?
Motivation comes from the faces of every dog, cat, horse, donkey and cow that I meet. The rewarding feeling that you have when you get a thank you note for saving someone’s pet from euthanasia, with every reunited family with a lost pet picture, with the gratitude from those helped at a spay/neuter event and the happiness and contentment you see in the animal’s eyes with every update picture. Motivation comes from all of these unmeasurable things.
> What are you most proud of accomplishing?
HPinCC has accomplished a lot in our short existence. I think that petitioning county commissioners to address the living conditions in the previous pound and building a brand new air conditioned facility which has achieved “no kill” status has to be one of our greatest accomplishments. Partnering with city and county officials and with other rescues has allowed us to make positive changes in Chambers. I would add that hosting an Empty Shelter Project in Chambers and stopping the cycle of thousands of births was pretty darn exciting too.
> What is something about your organization that the average person might not know?
I think that most people in our area are surprised to find out that HPinCC is a volunteer group of only 6 or 7 people. When residents become frustrated and want immediate action with their situation, whatever it may be, they are always amazed that an unpaid volunteer is trying to help them.
> Describe your vision for the future of animal welfare in Greater Houston.
Our vision for animal welfare is big, but attainable with the right partnerships. It takes time to make change so HPinCC will continue to educate about animal welfare, offer spay and neuter assistance and always strive to improve the lives of companion animals. We will do these things while we petition lawmakers to move toward a humane place where we are guardians of animal welfare.
Thank you, Helping Paws in Chambers County, for all you do #ForTheAnimals! Photos courtesy of Helping Paws in Chambers County.