Did you know that Houston PetSet provides grants to 70+ Greater Houston animal welfare organizations each year? Our new “Rescue Feature Friday” series highlights one of our amazing partners so that you can learn more about the nonprofits that work so hard every day to end animal homelessness and suffering.
Today, we’re excited to feature Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society! With funding from our grant, Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society is able to help fund the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge.
This is a competition in which professional trainers work with a horse who has no riding training or with a horse who has behavioral problems, and non-professionals work with a horse who is already trained to ride for four months. Each trainer/competitor must apply, is screened, and provides references to help ensure that their horses are in safe hands.
After four months, the competitors come together to show off their horses’ skills and knowledge, and the horses are offered for adoption to pre-approved adopters.
Keep reading on to learn about the work Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society does #ForTheAnimals!
> What is the mission of Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society?
Our mission is to improve the lives of equines by educating and helping owners, assisting law enforcement agencies, rehabilitating abused and neglected equines, and placing them into safe, permanent homes.
> When was your organization established?
February 2005
> How did you become involved in your organization and what is your current role?
Dr. Jennifer Williams – I was part of a group of about 25 people who founded the organization. I currently serve as the Executive Director.
> Do you work with your organization as a paid or volunteer, full-time or part-time member?
> What keeps you motivated to continue your work?
The horses who need us and the wonderful people who jump in to help.
> What are you most proud of accomplishing?
We have rescued over 1100 horses since we were founded, and we’ve implemented two annual Training Challenges which are a model for other horse rescues.
> What is something about your organization that the average person might not know?
Not only do we help horses, but we also help owners through Owner Assistance Programs that assist with the cost of euthanasia (when it is necessary), gelding (neutering) and hay/feed.
> Describe your vision for the future of animal welfare in Greater Houston.
We should all be working towards a future when all animals are in loving homes, and the homes have the support they need to care for their animals.

Thank you, Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society, for all you do! 

*Photos courtesy of Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society*