On “Rescue Feature Friday” we highlight one of our amazing partners so that you can learn more about the nonprofits that work so hard every day to end animal homelessness and suffering.
Today, we’re excited to feature Abandoned Animal Rescue (AAR)! With funding from our grant, they were able to provide pre-adoption vet care for 30 kittens and puppies. 
Keep reading on to learn about the work they do #ForTheAnimals!
> What is the mission of Abandoned Animal Rescue?
AAR’s mission is to work towards ending pet overpopulation that results in the euthanasia of unwanted cats and dogs. We do this by providing a rescue and adoption center, by emphasizing the importance of spaying and neutering and by educating on humane animal ownership. AAR is committed to the emotional, physical, and behavioral well being of each animal in our care. In addition to providing a shelter for abandoned animals, AAR has foster families for special needs animals, litters, and rehabilitation.
> When was your organization established?
> How did you become involved in your organization and what is your current role?
Karen Pitcock, Executive Director – I had just left a position in HR and was looking for a way to make a difference. I started out volunteering twice a week on the small dog side, then helped with our spay/neuter clinic and began assisting with fundraising. I have served in my role since 2019.
> Do you work with your organization as a paid or volunteer, full-time or part-time member?
My role is now full time and I am a volunteer. Our whole shelter is run by amazingly dedicated volunteers.
> What keeps you motivated to continue your work?
The resilience of the animals and the dedicated volunteers keep me motivated. We have had dogs and cats come in that are just terrified and within days the volunteers have won them over. Seeing them get adopted into a loving family is the highlight of my day!
[Vegas is adoptable with Abandoned Animal Rescue! Click here to learn more]
> What are you most proud of accomplishing?
Fundraising for the animals has become my passion. In 2018 we held our first A Night in the Dog House fundraiser. This is where we locked 20 volunteers in a large dog kennel, with a dog, from 7p-7a. My objective behind this event was to help people understand what dogs go through in a shelter setting, while having them raise funds for AAR. I set our goal at $10,000 that first year and we ended up raising $52,000. In 2019 I found a donor to match up to $50,000 and that year we raised $111,000.
> What is something about your organization that the average person might not know?
Surprisingly most people do not know we are all volunteers and that we operate debt free. When donations are made to AAR, the funds really do go back to the animals. This allows us so much freedom to do everything we can for even the most extreme medical case.
> Describe your vision for the future of animal welfare in Greater Houston.
I would like to see a mandatory spay/neuter law in place. It is so sad to see all of the strays wandering around Houston and there is really no reason for it. Animals have become dispensable to so many in Houston and that is so sad to me. I love when kids come to the shelter for tours as that gives us an opportunity to speak with the younger generation about this problem. Education is key!
[Molly is adoptable with Abandoned Animal Rescue! Click here to learn more]
Thank you, Abandoned Animal Rescue, for all you do #ForTheAnimals! Photos courtesy of Abandoned Animal Rescue.