Recently, LeeLee, an adorable little hound mix, was hit by a car on a Saturday night. Her injuries included severe lacerations, extensive road rash and her right eye was knocked out of its socket.


LeeLee’s family frantically called every vet clinic they knew of to see if anyone could help, but due to the pandemic they were unable to access affordable care for their beloved pet.

Fortunately, one vet referred LeeLee to the Houston PetSet urgent care program, and the Laurel’s House veterinary team was able to immediately provide all the care she required.

She received surgery to place her right eye into the correct position, as well as several days of wound management prior to surgical closure of her worst wounds. Most importantly, LeeLee got the necessary pain medications and antibiotics to keep her on the path to a full recovery.

Now she’s back to being a happy girl, and she’s safe at home with her family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the donors who make stories like LeeLee’s possible.

Your generous contributions allow for us to continue to provide this important service #ForTheAnimals.