You’ve probably heard the saying, “Fostering saves lives.” What you might not hear is that fostering transforms lives, too.

Buster was brought into a rural shelter after being picked up as a stray. This shy and timid 15lb. dog found himself fearing for his life in a rundown outdoor pound, but in order to save him, we needed a foster offer. Luckily, a brand new foster stepped up for this little guy after recently losing her personal dog.

When we brought Buster to his new foster, he would not come out from his crate; he was still incredibly scared and unsure of where he was. However, within a matter of minutes, Buster emerged and his transformation into a happy and bouncy puppy began.

In just four days, Buster became a brand new dog all because a caring foster showed him love, something he had never known.

Buster boarded The Babinski Foundation’s transport to travel to their shelter in Pequot Lakes, MN. They once again made the more than 1,300-mile journey to rescue 43 cats and dogs. Our partnership has already saved hundreds of otherwise unwanted pets, and we are so thankful to them for their commitment #ForTheAnimals.