On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, the Montgomery County Animal Services (“MCAS”) responded to a request for assistance by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office regarding over 40 dogs in a reportedly neglected state at a residence in Conroe, Texas. Upon arrival, the Animal Control Officer found numerous dogs on property in various stages of poor health.

It was determined that a civil seizure warrant was needed for the safety and welfare of the animals. As a result of the seizure, MCAS took possession of 51 dogs, nine cats, one parakeet, one duck, three chickens and one rabbit. Many of the dogs suffered from mange and flea allergies, resulting in severe hair loss.  

On Thursday, June 18, 2020, all of the animals were signed over to MCAS during court proceedings. With the animals currently in better health, on June 30, we transported the animals to our new rescue partner, Animal House Shelter, based out of Huntley, Illinois.

Soon after arriving in Illinois, many of the animals were quickly adopted into new forever homes. We are so thrilled that we could help provide them with this second opportunity at life!