On June 15, our office building manager called Tena, our Co-President, to alert her to an injured stray dog that was taking shelter in the building parking garage. Though we aren’t technically an animal rescue group, we knew that this poor pup would continue to live a life of suffering on the streets if we did not step up to help. ⠀

Miller, Spay/Neuter Operations Manager, jumped into action and offered to go and help this injured dog. Luckily, she was easy to leash up, as she was eager to eat and seek refuge from the summer heat. ⠀

We brought our sweet new four legged friend, named Grace, to our friend Dr. Frye at Echo Lane Animal Clinic, for an evaluation. They determined that she was blind in one eye, and the criss-cross burns and markings on her face may have come as the result of a grill falling on her. The injuries were estimated to be 2-3 weeks old, and by some miracle she was heartworm negative! ⠀

Grace finished her treatment at Echo Lane and she then went to her foster, Brandi, who works in the building that Grace was found in. Brandi and Grace were an instant match and, with the help of our friends at Adore Houston, Grace’s adoption was finalized this week; she will know nothing but love from here on out.