Oz is a street dog who is ready to find a loving home.

Oz is an approximately six-year-old street dog who has been clicking his heels together, hoping someone will bring him home. This soulful boy has suffered in ways we will never know, but it hasn’t made him any less loving. His badly-cropped ears tell a story of an unkind start to life, and his scars reveal a tough time fending for himself on the streets of Houston. Tena Lundquist Faust and Tama Lundquist, Houston PetSet Co-Presidents, came across Oz when they were out rescuing dogs several weeks back.

“We picked up Oz on the streets of Sunnyside,” recalls Tena. “white dog with cropped ears and visible wounds sitting on the floor of an SUVHe was walking with a woman and her three dogs, desperately wanting to be a part of her pack. He was unbelievably skinny (you could see every rib) and had recently been beaten up by other dogs. It took an hour to get him in our car, but when we did, he started trusting very quickly. We stopped to rescue another dog and, in our haste, we left the car doors open. Oz simply stayed in the car, looking out the window with a little smile on his face; he wasn’t going anywhere because he knew he was safe with us.”

Those of us who work with animals have all seen, firsthand, their ability to sense when we are struggling. “When we got him to the vet, I had a brief breakdown because of what we had seen that day,” continues Tena. “Oz came over to me and laid his head on my knee, as if to comfort me. He might be one of the sweetest, most sensitive dogs we have ever known.”

Oz has gained weight along with a new found confidence now that he has spent some time in boarding. He is now parasite-free, got a much-needed bath, and was given a fancy coat to keep out the early spring chill. His wounds have begun to heal beautifully, and he walks with a skip in his step as if to show just how ready he is to find a forever home.  

Oz is neutered, but he’s also heartworm-positive, as are so many dogs who have spent time on the streets. He is a sensitive guy, and he gets along with other dogs (he’s been tested). As he gains his health back and nears 70 pounds, Oz is proving to be very strong, so whoever welcomes him into their life will need to understand and love him for his athletic nature.  

Oz is ready to start the rest of his life. If you are available to foster him through his heartworm treatment, or foster-to-adopt, or even if you just know in your heart that Oz is the one and you’re committed to make him yours, please email mikki@houstonpetset.org and we’ll be happy to introduce you to this inspiring boy. 

One final thought from Tena Lundquist Faust regarding Oz: “He will give so much more than he ever asks for. His beautiful brown eyes will look into your soul and you will know that your life is forever changed. He is that kind of dog.”

Lisa Tynan