Houston’s streets are a rough and dangerous place for the hundreds of thousands of stray animals that call them home. Imagine how scary that life is for a six-month-old puppy?
Chip was found roaming near Westheimer and Voss earlier this month. Fortunately for him, a Good Samaritan and friend of Houston PetSet saw the 17 lb. dog and got him off of the streets before he could be hit by a car.
Safe with us, Chip is one of the lucky animals who has been given the opportunity to know what love and compassion feel like. With your support and generosity, we are able to provide him with the proper veterinary care and boarding he needs until he finds a forever home.
Thank you for helping us change the life of Chip and many of his homeless and suffering friends. We could not have accomplished all we did in 2020 without you.
Chip transported to Minnesota in early January 2021 and his forever family looks forward to giving him the life he always deserved!