who we are

Houston PetSet is a 501(c)(3) umbrella organization dedicated to making a difference by providing grants to​ animal welfare-related nonprofits in the Greater Houston area. By providing critical funds and working together with strategic partners, we seek to end homelessness and alleviate suffering for the animals. Our goal is to help those who are “in the trenches” on a daily basis rescuing, spaying, neutering, fostering, adopting and protecting Houston’s animals. We believe that the animal homelessness crisis in our community is a solvable problem.
how we do it
We raise funds and awareness through special events including our Annual Fierce & Fabulous Soirée held each September. Through strategic investments in local efforts, Houston PetSet empowers animal welfare and rescue organizations to alleviate the suffering of homeless and at-risk animals and to seek long term solutions to animal overpopulation, neglect and cruelty in our community and beyond. To date, Houston PetSet has gifted more than $2.5 MILLION in direct financial support to dozens of charitable organizations.  Critical funding is granted to registered 501(c)(3) animal-related nonprofits for the following purposes: promote a long term solution, alleviate immediate suffering, provide one-time transformation grants. Apply for a Grant
why we do it
There are tens of thousands of animals euthanized every year in Houston. This is a financial, environmental and social drain on our City. Animal nonprofits work on the front lines daily to avoid this fate for thousands of dogs and cats every year. To date, Houston PetSet has granted almost $2.5 MILLION to help fund these efforts. We believe that through our fundraising efforts, other animal nonprofits can focus on core competencies that help mitigate suffering.
Report Animal Cruelty - 927paws.org
Board of Directors
An organization’s most vital resource is its Board of Directors and a critical link to the community. Houston PetSet's Board of Directors is a group of dedicated people who SERVE on the board, not SIT on a board.

They volunteer their time to help advance the HPS mission and advocate for the organization. It focuses on fundraising, organizational governance, community connecting and strategic planning.
  • Tama Lundquist
  • Shelley Ewart
  • Jonathan Rhoads
    Vice President
Advisory Board
  • Susan & Dan Boggio
  • Jan Duncan
  • Deborah Duncan
  • John Evatz
  • Jana Fant
  • Tracy & Harry Faulkner
  • Sidney Faust
  • Robert Fisher
  • Debra Grierson
  • Neal Hamil
  • Courtney Cohn Hopson
  • Janine Iannarelli
  • Courtney March
  • Ronnie Matthews
  • Melissa Mithoff
  • Ashton Morgan
  • Judy Nichols
  • Jennifer Pinkerton
  • Alicia Smith
  • Michelle & Duncan Stewart
  • Dana Tyson